10 Practical Tips to Help You Work Remotely

10 Practical Tips to Help You Work Remotely

Owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, employers, and employees alike, have had to adjust their work arrangements. Working remotely is gradually becoming a thing. And while many employees welcome this change, a good number of employers are concerned about how this would impact the effectiveness and productivity of their employees.

Working from home can be an effective way to get work done. And here are some practical tips to help you work remotely and make the most of your remote work situation.

1. Create a work schedule and stick to it.

To make your remote working experience a productive one, you will require a disciplined work schedule, one that you can stick to. Because you work from home, you control your environment. Hence, you can schedule your work times and manage your time so that you do not lose your productivity.

Besides, having a schedule helps you make time for your family and other domestic matters. It also helps you stay committed and connected to your team and colleagues.

2. Have a designated space for your “Home Office”.

Having a designated office/workspace in your home will help you concentrate while you work. Even though you might not have a separate room for this purpose, you can still carve out a small corner of your room for your office space. Keeping a separate space for your ‘home office’ subconsciously sets you up for work and greatly impacts your productivity.

3. Dress like it.

Even though you have the luxury of choice, your pajamas do not qualify as work clothes. When you make the effort to dress for work (nothing over the top though), you subconsciously signal your brain into work mode.

4. Block out distractions

Because you are working from the comfort of your home, a lot of issues would demand your attention. It could be your kids needing attention, visitors, neighbors, even your pets. While some distractions might be within your control, others could be emergencies that require immediate attention. Therefore, do well to block out notifications on your phone, and communicate your work hours to family and friends, as well as, prepare for the unexpected.

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5. Ensure that you are communicating with your boss or team as often as necessary.

Have a plan for how often you will check in with your boss whether to communicate progress on a project, relay any recent changes to the work or submit project deadlines. Do not stay incommunicado. This also applies to communication with your team. Make efforts to stay in touch not just for work purposes but also to know their general welfare.

6. Exercise

One thing to avoid while working remotely is, sitting at your desk all day. This is not only dangerous to your physical health, but it also impacts your mental health negatively. Maintain the right sitting posture, stretch at regular intervals, take water breaks, take a stroll break to breathe in some air, and soak in a bit of sun. Do whatever you need to do to avoid a sedentary work habit.

7. Keep in touch with family and friends.

Keeping in touch with family and friends is very important especially if you live alone. Some people only get to socialize physically with their colleagues at work. And sometimes, working from home can feel lonely and boring. Therefore, it is important to keep in touch with friends and family as much as possible. Schedule phone calls and face time as often as you can. Working remotely does not mean that you must do life on your own.

8. Make sure you give room for breaks.

Incorporate break times into your schedule. Take brain breaks, (for about 15-mins) at different intervals to refresh your brain. Also, take breaks to relieve your eyes from excess screen exposure (especially when you work with a laptop). During this break period, you could have lunch, check-in with your family, or peek at your pets.

10 Practical Tips To Help You Work Remotely - ownyourupgrade.com

9. Stay positive.

Staying positive impacts your productivity and helps you bring the right energy to your FaceTime, Skype, or Zoom meetings. When you let off negative emotions, especially during your work meetings, you risk appearing like a jerk to your colleagues. One way to stay positive is by prioritizing your self-care. So, stay positive!

10. Be easy on yourself.

The remote working trend is globally evolving, and a lot of organizations are gradually figuring out productive remote working arrangements for their employees. Do not be too hard on yourself, permit yourself to be distracted occasionally. Talk to friends and family to maintain your mental and emotional balance.


Who said working from home would be less efficient, effective, and productive?

These 10 practical tips will help you find the balance you need to optimize your remote working experience.

This article was written by Moyosore Simmyideas

Moyosore Simmyideas has been a writing and research expert for over a decade, covering a variety of tech-related topics. Currently, I spend most of my time blogging here with www.simmyideas.com. but I still enjoy “chilling in my space” on a PC and upgrading or repairing it, learning new tips and tricks all to get things done easily on the internet. The purpose of this article is to share my insights and experiences with you, and hopefully learn some new things myself while I’m at it. After all, we’re never too old or too experienced to learn, especially with us living during an era when computer technology changes virtually by the day.

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