6 Winning Mindsets To Have

6 Winning Mindsets To Have

Following our previous conversations on the #GrowYourMindSeries, you will agree with me that to transform our lives, we need to elevate our minds; when we elevate our minds, we elevate our human realities; when we elevate our human realities, we elevate our human possibilities.

In my last podcast episode and blog post, I shared one of my experiences with a limiting belief that I had and how limiting beliefs and mindsets not only limit your possibilities but lead to a frustrated and unfulfilling life. And from experience, I have found that limiting mindsets mostly stem from fear and ignorance. Fear from unpleasant experiences, past failures, the experiences of others, etc., as well as ignorance that results from our upbringing, our backgrounds, exposures to wrong doctrines, etc.

I have realized that a lot of people have gotten so attached to limiting beliefs because their limiting beliefs have become their realities. They do not understand that their realities are self-fulfilling prophecies which manifest as a result of their limiting beliefs. They do not understand that their beliefs and predictions come true because their minds have been conditioned in that manner.

And I always like to explain this with the bible passage that says, ‘be it unto you according to your faith’ – Matt.9:29). There is also a concept that explains this well, it’s called subconscious conditioning (feel free to read more on this).

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I believe that a very practical way to address limiting mindsets is to critically examine their origin. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is it true? (Is it a universal truth, or it is just true for you?)
  • How did you come about it?
  • What experience influenced it?
  • Who sold it to you?
  • How has it empowered you?

By critically examining these beliefs, you weaken their hold on you, and you can begin to replace them with empowering beliefs.

So today, I hope to wrap up this conversation by sharing some key mindsets that you must have if you are looking to step into your highest self, reach your highest potential, and serve your purpose authentically. These mindsets are, but not limited to:

  • Growth Mindset
  • Abundance Mindset
  • Possibility Mindset
  • Positivity Mindset
  • Gratitude Mindset
  • Collaboration Mindset

Growth Mindset: Nothing is fixed. Your personality, ability, skills, competencies and knowledge are not fixed. Intelligence is not fixed. Nothing is cast in stone Intelligence is progressive. You are not in your final form. There is more within you, and there is more that you can be. Refuse to be stuck with the fixed mindset. Make up your mind to evolve and develop yourself, your personality, your skills, and your ability.

Abundance Mindset: An abundance mindset speaks to the understanding that the resources in the world are inexhaustible and the world was created with a part for everyone. Nobody has the monopoly of resources, and there is so much abundance in the world to accommodate everyone’s unique giftings.

Abundance is not in how much money or connections you have, abundance is in how much opportunities you see and are prepared to maximize.

The scarcity mindset stems from the misguided belief that there isn’t enough and there will never be enough to go round. A lot of people have used this as an excuse not to step up to who they really are. It is the reason a lot of people have given in to fear, anxiety, greed, selfishness, and corruption.

You must disabuse your mind of the belief that you are at a disadvantage because you are not as privileged as those who are blazing trails. Do not allow yourself to be intimidated by the gifts and achievements of others. Stop making excuses for not showing up and playing your part. Shift your thinking and watch all the resources you need gravitate towards you.

Possibility Mindset: This explains the saying that, ‘every disappointment is a blessing in disguise’, which is so true. It means that there are possibilities in every situation. The possibility mindset influences the can-do attitude. It helps you to develop mental and emotional resilience. It is the mindset that helps you overcome learned helplessness. It is a forward-thinking mindset that helps you see beyond your now. It is the mindset that influences you to aspire to your highest self.

Positivity Mindset: The popular ‘half full – half empty’ analogy explains this best. The positive mindset refers to rightmindedness, having a brighter and optimistic perspective to life. It speaks to having positive thoughts and opinions about yourself and others. And you develop a positive mindset by making positive thinking a habit. Refuse to be influenced by the negativity around you and make deliberate efforts to think positively.

Gratitude Mindset: This speaks to the understanding that whatever you have, whoever you are and wherever you are is a gift, a privilege, and an opportunity that shouldn’t be taken for granted. A gratitude mindset helps you focus on the positives in your life which opens your mind to more positivity and possibilities. As opposed to the Entitlement Mindset, nobody owes you anything – not even God!

Collaboration Mindset: Collaboration is the new gold! No matter how unique your idea or purpose is, you will need people to help you achieve your purpose. You will need to learn from people who have gone ahead of you. You will need to work with people who will help you achieve your purpose.

You will struggle if you choose to live life like a one-man army. No man is an island and there is only so much you can do all by yourself. Choose collaboration over competition.

6 Winning Mindsets to Have - ownyourupgrade.com
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And in conclusion, I’ll say, do not accept, believe, or engage any belief that does not empower you.

So, here is where I take a bow on the #GrowYourMindSeries. You can also listen to this series here on the OYU Podcast.

It’s been super interesting taking this series, and I believe you’ve learnt a thing or two. I have learnt so much myself and I’ve spoken to myself at some point about certain things I need to work on. It’s been a lovely ride, and I thank you for riding along.

I encourage you to share this within your circle of influence and feel free to share your thoughts with me in the comments section below.

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Ayokanmi Oluwabuyide is a Personal Development Enthusiast who hopes to inspire young adults to live their best lives without compromising their individuality. She expresses this passion through her Own Your Upgrade blog and podcast.

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