Abundance Mindset – Your Idea Is Unique To You!

Abundance Mindset – Your Idea Is Unique To You!

Do you hesitate on an idea because you think it is small? Do you think that all the creativity in the world has been explored? Or that you got to the party late and someone else has launched your idea? (late-bloomer geng!) Do you think that the abundance mindset is overrated?

Well, you are not alone, everyone feels that way sometimes because it is a natural feeling, considering the massive talents and great ideas on display in our world. However, the abundance mindset exposes you to the positive reality that your idea is unique to you and there is room for it.

This means that, regardless of the million others who share that idea, your style of execution is unique to you, you have your own niche, you have your own space, and nobody shares it with you. You have gifts and talents embedded in you which you were specifically and uniquely created to share.

Everyone has his own specific vocation or mission in life, everyone must carry out a concrete assignment that demands fulfillment. Therein he cannot be replaced, nor can his life be repeated. Thus, everyone’s task is as unique as is his specific opportunity to implement it.”

Viktor Frankl

So, do not allow yourself to be intimidated by the gifts and achievements of others. Stop making excuses for not showing up and playing your part. Do not believe that you are disadvantaged because you are not as privileged as those who are blazing trails.

Abundance Mindset - Your Idea Is Unique To You
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As cliche as it may sound, the world was created with a role for everyone. And there is so much abundance in the world to accommodate everyone’s unique gifts.

Why it appears as though some have it all together than others is simply because they have an abundance mindset.

And their abundance mindset influences their positive outlook to life. They believe that they have unique gifts that only them are capable of sharing. And they are intentional about exploring their gifts and talents. Their positive mindset keeps them focused, tenacious and resilient. They recognize that their idea is only small if they believe it is small.

Trust me, there is room for you and everything you need to own your space is within you. Therefore, it is important that you embrace the abundance mindset.

Be positive. Believe that there are plenty resources out there enough for everyone and all you need will come to you.

Surround yourself with people who have an abundance mindset and their positive vibes will undeniably rub off on you. There is no limit to how far you will go with the right mindset and the right circle of friends.

Practice gratitude. Be thankful for everything, particularly the ‘small things’. It has a way of improving your mind.

Focus on your gifts and talents and do not compare yourself with anyone. Improve yourself, upskill and master your skills. Bear in mind that you are not better than the next person, you are only different.

Be open-minded. Train your mind to recognize possibilities. No matter how dire a situation is, I can always identify some good in it, and that comforts me.

Finally, volunteer as much as you can. Volunteering provides a platform for you to project your skills and it also creates visibility for you.

Your idea is unique to you and there is room for you. Explore!

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Ayokanmi Oluwabuyide is a Personal Development Enthusiast who hopes to inspire young adults to live their best lives without compromising their individuality. She expresses this passion through her Own Your Upgrade blog and podcast.

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      1. Beautiful, beautiful piece! Thanks for reminding us that we are unique and that the sky is big enough for everyone to fly.

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