Engage the Power of Words

Engage the Power of Words

They booed at you saying you were not as smart or intelligent, so you settled and got comfortable with being average. The power of words!

They said you were too forward, so you took ten steps backward and pitched your tent backstage.

Own Your Upgrade - The Power of Words
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They called you rebellious because you dared to question status quo, so you learnt to docilely go with the flow.

They mocked you and said that your ideas were small, so you gave up on them and stopped dreaming.

They said you were too young to have the finest and newest things, so you became comfortable with hand-me-downs.

They called you selfish because you prioritized your wellbeing over their demands, so you sheepishly became a people-pleaser.

They labelled you proud and rude because you dared to speak up for yourself, so you became quiet and humbly allowed everyone walk over you.

Own Your Upgrade - The Power of Words
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They shamed you and said that you were too ambitious, so you modified your dreams and settled for less.

They silenced you and said you talked too much, so you clammed up and learnt how not to speak.

They laughed at your failed attempts and called you a failure, so you hopelessly resigned yourself to fate and gave in to learned helplessness.

What else have they said? And what are you doing about what they said? More importantly, what have you said in response to what they said? What are you saying? And what will you say?

Why have you allowed the words spoken by people become strongholds that define your present realities? And why have you allowed them project their insecurities on you?

In fact, why have you allowed their insecurities become your insecurities?

Own Your Upgrade - The Power of Words
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I’ll tell you what . . .

The problem is not in their saying, the problem is in your not saying!

It is a power tussle, the power of words. And you engaged the power of their words by not saying your own words.

You amplified their voices the moment you chose to be silent.

You empowered their ‘sayings’ when you refused to show up and step up to who you really are.

You validated their prophecies when you chose to remain a victimized and broken shadow of who you were truly created to be.

Now you are living a modified version of yourself and you are frustrated because deep within you, you sense that you can be more.

I will have you know that the only way you can break their strongholds and be free from the captivity of their words is by replacing their words with your own words.

Yes! You need to start speaking your own words. Because you see, words carry energy which when released into the atmosphere, converts speech into reality.

And above all, you need to start speaking your own words because, your words hold water over your life than their words. Remember, it’s your life, and who is in a better position to speak into your life than you yourself?

It’s not your parents or your spiritual leaders or your mentors or your coaches or your role models. It’s You!

Moreover, God has already spoken good concerning you, and he is waiting on you to speak and decree in alignment with what He has spoken, before it can be established. Yes! He is waiting on you to own it.

So, renew your mind and Speak!

Speak and engage the power of words.

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Finally and very importantly, now that you understand the power of words, do not be that person who speaks negatively to or about others. The simplest, yet most powerful gift you can give to anyone is the gift of your words.

So let your words be seasoned with goodness at all times. Choose to bless, heal and inspire others through your utterances and watch your own life take an upward turn.

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Ayokanmi Oluwabuyide is a Personal Development Enthusiast who hopes to inspire young adults to live their best lives without compromising their individuality. She expresses this passion through her Own Your Upgrade blog and podcast.

4 thoughts on “Engage the Power of Words

  1. Whoosh
    This brings back memories.
    I remember being in the first year of
    Junior secondary school and all students were compelled to join the Press club.

    So we were all given a paper to read individually. When it was my turn, with shaking limbs and a dried mouth, I walked up to the front of the class and began to read.

    I summoned boldness and read the paper from beginning to the end successfully. I was so proud of myself that I hadn’t collapsed out of fear. All I wanted to do was go back to my seat and back to my own world of invisibility.

    Then the Mrs-in-Charge, decided to give her verdict. I was expecting words of praise but then I got something different.

    With her face distorted with an emotion close to disappointment or probably disgust, she called me ” too overconfident” and more.
    Her words slapped, kicked, stumped, battered and broke my then poor little heart to pieces.

    Well I decided within myself never to be “too overconfident” again. In other words, I decided never to come out in front of the class to do anything.

    But as I grew and recounted the story, I would always refute her statement to me -with anger on top -and I was able to overcome this.

    Sorry about the long story😊
    Thanks for this.
    Twas a splendid read.

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