Hang In There, It Came to Pass!

Hang In There, It Came to Pass!

It came to pass‘, the lesson that liberated me.

I remember a time I was looking to pass an important professional exam, but sadly kept failing. It was hard for me to even think of attempting it for the fifth time. My failure at this exam had messed with my mind so much that I didn’t think I had it in me to follow through any preparations again. So, I decided to take a breather. But then, I had friends who still surprisingly believed in me, and literally pushed me into attempting it again.

I remember when I finally made the decision to re-attempt the exam. I knew it was going to take a huge amount of faith, lots of positive thinking and a huge dose of affirmations to get me through the process this time around, because I had literally hit rock bottom.

The thought of studying all over again was super daunting for me because I believed I had done everything necessary during my previous failed attempts. I was so confused as to where to start from or how to prepare, and I didn’t know what new material to study or what new tutorial to attend. I found it painful referring to my old notes, and I unfortunately didn’t have a study partner anymore because they had all passed the exam.

Thankfully, I made the decision to face my fears and believe again, I summoned up courage and started preparations. Contrary to my emotions, I chose to believe that it was a transient phase that would expire soon. I chose to believe that the experience came, for it to pass.

In addition to my search for new and relevant information, I began to evaluate what I didn’t do right the previous times.

And one painful discovery I made was that there was a huge disconnect between my beliefs and my confessions. My expectations did not align with my actions.

I realized that even though I had studied hard and done all the right things, I lowkey doubted my ability to pass the exam. And I started to remember how I imagined myself forgetting what I read and getting stuck in the exam hall. Trust me, these were self-fulfilling prophecies that played out in the exam hall.

I have vivid memories of times when I froze in the exam hall. My hand would become stiff and I wouldn’t be able to write anything. I remember how I would start out having an idea of the right answer, but then I would doubt and second guess myself till the exam was almost over. By then, I would be so confused and pressed for time, and I would struggle to just write something. Little wonder I failed, because I usually ended up writing illegibly and incoherently.

It Came to Pass
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I shared this story to help you understand that it is impossible to achieve anything you do not believe in. For instance, a lot of people desire to be affluent, but they low-key believe that rich people are greedy and corrupt. They believe that rich people are the reason they are poor, so they hate and envy rich people. Although they sing and pray to be rich, they believe that it is impossible to make money and be wealthy legitimately.

If you ask me, I think it is one of the reasons a lot of people struggle financially.

It is impossible to achieve anything positive from something you are negatively biased about. Your thoughts and beliefs must align with your expectations and your mindsets must match your confessions. Otherwise all your expectations will only amount to wishful thinking.

While I encourage you to pay attention to your internal conversations and ensure that your mind is renewed, I will also like you to understand that seasons come and go, and tough times do not last. Whatever the difficulty you face, bear in mind that ‘it came so that it would pass. – It Came to Pass’

Thank you for letting me share my life with you, I believe this has encouraged you. I would like you to share your experience in the comments section to encourage someone else or you can shoot me an email.

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Ayokanmi Oluwabuyide is a Personal Development Enthusiast who hopes to inspire young adults to live their best lives without compromising their individuality. She expresses this passion through her Own Your Upgrade blog and podcast.

14 thoughts on “Hang In There, It Came to Pass!

  1. Wow Thank you Ma’am for such a wonderful read!

    I’m Going through this phase right now and I know how many times my thoughts, actions and spoken words have been unaligned, leaving my Faith adulterated with a mixture of fear and doubt.

    This is a reminder to keep my belief, thoughts and confessions void of negativity.

    I love this.
    And I’m grateful.

  2. Woah! It’s like you took the exact words out of my heart! Lately, the Holy Spirit had been cautioning me to be mindful of negative thoughts that could counteract my efforts. Sometimes it isn’t easy but we need to believe first, before we see physical results. Thanks for sharing your story!

  3. No one can bring you to the life and desires you have except you, your thoughts and affirmations are necessary ingredients to the life you desire! This post further these facts for me. While I am responsible for the life I desire no one else, I need to pay attention to and develop sound convictions and affirmations! Thank you! Thank you again!

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