Pay it Forward – A Candle Loses Nothing by Lighting Another Candle

Pay it Forward – A Candle Loses Nothing by Lighting Another Candle

A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.

About 8 years ago during my graduation ceremony, one of the keynote speakers present at the ceremony, referenced that quote while giving his speech.

He explained that as individuals, we are light and we only truly shine when we light others up.

That part of his speech sank and settled deep within me and has since influenced my journey and my relationship with people around me.

In fact, it is the guiding principle upon which OYU was founded and is consequently thriving.

Truly, a candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.

And in the same manner, I believe that ‘we lose nothing by raising others’.

Over time, I have enjoyed the goodwill of family, friends, teachers, colleagues, mentors, random kind-hearted individuals, etc., who went out (and still go out) of their way to show me the way.

I still bask in the support from friends-cum-firelighters who go the extra mile to teach me the ropes and expose me to opportunities that shape and sharpen me.

Ergo, I have developed a sense of responsibility to do the same for others, to give back and pay it forward.

Pay It Forward - A Candle Loses Nothing By Lighting Another Candle -

The essence of our lives is not in the affluence or possessions in our names. The essence of our lives is in how well we live our lives enriching others.

By sharing our journey, our experiences, and our perspectives with others, we are showcasing what is possible to those around us, leveling the playing field for those coming after us, and contributing towards making the world a wholesome place to live and thrive in.

Our impact and influence on others is what lives on well after we are gone.

Our impact and influence on others is the legacy that stands the test of time.

Therefore, what will you be remembered for?

Who will you be remembered as?

No matter how disadvantaged you think you are, you still have enjoyed help from others at some point in your life.

So, pay it forward.

Go out of your way to help others grow and succeed.

Share information, opportunities, and resources that benefit others.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be financial assistance.

You see, much as financial assistance goes a long way towards helping others achieve their goals; sharing emails, blog posts, podcasts, Instagram posts, Facebook posts, Tweets, free courses, free webinars, free coaching resources, job/business opportunities, etc., go a longer way.

So, go out of your way to pay it forward.

Bear in mind that, we only truly rise by lifting others.

So, go ahead and let your light, light others up!

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Ayokanmi Oluwabuyide is a Personal Development Enthusiast who hopes to inspire young adults to live their best lives without compromising their individuality. She expresses this passion through her Own Your Upgrade blog and podcast.

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